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Most businesses large and small often find that their Marketing is at best, ineffective. Simply put, they suck at it! “Don’t Suck At Marketing” goes through every component of an effective Marketing Plan, and it’s implementation of a proper Marketing Campaign. Social, Online, along with all the Traditional Marketing Actions a business can take to generate the lead, get a potential customer and build their profits.


A company’s success is measured in how many people they contact, how many come in the doors, or on to the Web site, or on their social media AND becomes a champion of the brand, AND, most importantly gives the business their hard earned dollars in exchange for the valued products, services and/or information that are being offered. You can be effective all along this process, and that is what the BOOK contains.


The definition of being crazy is doing the same ol’ thing that didn’t work in the past. When you resolve to Don’t Suck At Marketing, you determine to change it all up. Within the pages of the book, you will be able to learn, or have one of your employees learn how to put the right campaign that targets your most valued customers’ profiles putting profits in your pockets. Decide that today is the Change, Now is the Time!

Features That Matter to Your Bottom Line

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Social Media Efforts

Gain the right presence your customers want on the platforms they are on

Awareness & Engagement

Connect more deeply with those who’ll sustain your business in at all times and build your company on their interests and needs.

Online Lead Gen

Your presence has to pay off with a solid call to action that converts.

Sales & Deliverables

Develop the system which makes it the easiest way to do business with your company and grows you customer base, influence and profits

Formula for Social Success

Each component you and to have in place to experience the success you want.

The Equation to Implement

Knowledge of the pieces you put into place for successful outcomes and the wisdom to implement for your benefit.

Traditional Promos

A well rounded marketing campaign contains all types of marketing collateral.

Print & Broadcast

Know which marketing materials are best to use and how to utilize each one to implement for growth and wanted market share.

Content Messaging

Hone in to the largest customer biomass for the biggest market share.

Text Copy & Video

Whichever form is most effective the right messaging that reaches into the psyche for your clientele and motivates them to action is essential.

Measuring ROI

With the system, determine how effective your marketing efforts actually are.

Retool or Ramp Up

You have to know for sure how effective your efforts in marketing are, put into place those measuring sticks, for the milestones and goals your company wants.

So Let’s Get This Straight…

What’s Needed Has Been Identified

  • Must have a steady flow of income to have a chance for the business to even stay afloat

  • For that to happen, you must figure out how to bring in new customers, turn them into repeating visitors and grow those essential profits how you want.
  • The only way that can be done is through Marketing; especially if you Don’t Suck At Marketing!
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Don’t Settle for Less

  • Find the ways and methods used to attract the right type of customer to your establishment
  • Learn how to plan each Marketing Campaign to ensure the best outcome that can result in growing profits
  • Take the right actions at the right time targeting the right people with the right messages and communication vehicles

Get a Marketing Education for Less Than the Cost of a Textbook at the U

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What You Get with Don’t Suck At Marketing

Immediate Learning Opportunity –

Quick access to Marketing Principles of Local Marketing, Mobile Strategies, How to Go Viral Socially, Marketing Building Blocks, Social Media Iceberg and 7 Secrets to Convert Leads in infographic form above. Just Click on the text link, then right click and “save as” anywhere on your desktop for a quick reference PDF.

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Skills to Use:

  • Doing the “recon” needed to reach your audience – Be Where They Are
  • How the Marketing Landscape has changed – Know Where to Place Your Efforts
  • How to turn Advertising into Engagement – How to Connect Profitably

Your Social Sucks Case Study –

Your Social Sucks because you at the C-Level of each corporation are still treating social media platforms as you may have done with other Marketing media in the past. That no longer is the case! Get the best methods your enterprise can use for the best Word of Mouth Campaign for you and your consumers to come along in the last one hundred years.

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Skills to Use:

  • Change Attitudes towards Social Media Campaigns for your business.
  • Change Marketing Philosophies that have been ingrained for decades in corporate culture.
  • Change that Culture of the company for your social advantage.
  • Change the Approach for all to be engaged customer and employee alike.

Make Your Social Media Earn Cold Hard Cash –

Many companies do the post and pray method of doing Social. Post on the platform and pray someone notices it and interacts. Most social platforms have made the organic growth ineffective. It takes thought and planning to execute a successful social media campaign. You can get an effective ROI on what your business does socially.

— Free with your own edition of the “Don’t Suck At Marketing” Manual.

Skills to Use:

Set your social presence to pull its own weight plus more. Get in place the interest growing, lead generating and brand building your company needs it to be. A step-by-step look at what you can do to get your social media working for your company.

Don’t Suck At Marketing Manual –

  • All a business (in any industry) needs to know, plan and implement an effective and cohesive marketing campaign to your designated marketing area.
  • Sequential Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations actions that build one upon the other that grows the momentum, awareness and interest in your business.
  • Each method and action are broken down in a step-by-step format that clearly identifies and highlights what to do and how to be effective doing it.
  • Putting into place for your business a lead generation system that you can rely on and build your business the way you have envisioned it.

— Available for Less Than a Textbook at the “U” —

Skills to Use:

  • Connect with who will keep your doors open and coffers full.
  • Engage your audience to invest with you and be a part of your community.
  • Consistent in your messaging to build loyalty and sales.
  • Include content, products and services that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved.
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What We’re About

Effective Online Presence

Make your Web site and other web-based properties pay dividends on your investment. Bring it to the point that people share what yo have, follow through with your Calls to Action and increases your sales profits.

Timely Traditional Support

In today’s marketplace, a company can ill-afford to have a lopsided approach to their marketing efforts. It is always best to diversify across the marketing medium spectrum. Traditional Marketing, Advertising, and P.R. have a place.

Driven Social Engine

Nearly every audience that a business can go after spends a sizeable amount of time on the various social platforms of one form or another. The key is to know which one and how best to Connect, Engage and Inspire that Consumer Audience.

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